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Juan Diez Rancheros Inc

Juan Diez Rancheros is now a partner with Iowa Hospice providing the children's bereavement one day horse camps several times per year!

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Wilson Elementary School

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Our Program

JUAN DIEZ RANCHEROS is a Non-Profit Program offering opportunities for potional breakthroughs for kids and young adults that have been abused or traumatized emotionally. Sessions are structured with the use of rescued horses, and are free of charge to those already receiving counseling due to their situations. The unique qualities of the horse allow kids to get more in touch with those tender areas in their emotions, without the guarded walls they sometimes hide behind when talking with people. To read MORE... on this program description please visit our front page article in the QC Times.

Horses don't lie, deceive, or take advantage, and kids relate to the rescue horses and the suffering they have faced. The questions asked during the sessions have the ability to bring up new discoveries in their healing process, and their current counseling professionals and mentors can help expand on these new discoveries and apply them to their lives. The horses have the unique ability to mirror what is going on inside of the participant during the activities, and the privacy of the sessions allow for them to consider what the horse's behavior indicates about their beliefs and responses to situations. The participants learn the value of trust and responsibility for themselves and for others as the horses respond immediately to the shifts in the participant's approach or beliefs during the sessions.


On the left: Monroe Elementary School...these kids made home made PlayDough and sold it at school one day and raised $124.00 to give to the Ranch as a donation!
On the right: These girls are members of the Student Council and they started a fundraiser in February called (Pennies for Ponies) They asked the kids only, not parents or teachers, to donate pennies and the grand total was $300!
How absolutely wonderful that children right here in our community have such wonderful hearts to give! This money will go a long way toward caring for the horses that care for other kids!


Thanks Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and Tom Brooke!

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On the left: Since her 5th birthday, ASHLYN SCHMIDT of Bettendorf has asked her friends that she invites to her birthday party to bring donations for our ranch instead of having them bring gifts for her. This year on her 10th birthday, she raised $145.00 to go toward the purchase of this youth saddle for us!!She has a very rare and precious heart of generosity!

On the right: Another generous child LEAH ZAHN chose to receive gifts for the ranch at her birthday party instead of gifts for herself...Thanks Leah Zahn!

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All of the links are people we have linked arms with, in the way that we are all reaching out to the youth of today to help create a better tommorow.